The Best Synthetic Urine Kits For Drug Test


One of the most common requirements in the world of medicine and drug testing is that of a urine test. It gives the doctor or the tester the chance to diagnose as well as treat a wide range of conditions which include liver problems, kidney disorders, diabetes, and confirm pregnancies in women as well.

What’s a urine test looking for?

The urine can be tested for proteins, hormones, sugars, and other chemicals, in addition to bacteria along with alkalinity and acidity also. Doctors can tell a lot from how a urine sample smells and looks, and this can be their indicator to help diagnose when necessary. These are tell-tale signs that a urine test looks for.

 However, testing urine is also done to diagnose any form of illicit drug use and to determine if a person has consumed drugs within a specific time frame. These drugs can be marijuana, opioids, and many other injections into the body. The urine test will be able to conclude that a person has taken the drug or not, and when needed, further action is taken.

The five ways to pass a urine test –

 There are five ways in which a person can pass a drug test with ease. These techniques can be used as a quick fix to pass these tests. These include –

 1.     Diluting the real uring samples –

 A real human urine sample can be diluted by drinking a large amount of water before taking the test or by putting the water in the sample. If it is diluted, then the real human pee would diminish the drug test levels and reduce the chance of a positive test.

Most people follow this method to get around the real drug test, but some labs can detect any diluted samples.

 2.     Getting someone else’s urine –

Another way to work around real human urine is to get a sample from someone else. The OHS Health and Safety Services Inc. reported that there are people who use synthetic urine or liquid urine owned by another individual as a quick fix to pass the drug test. Some even resort to animal urine for this. The powdered urine pockets need to have a heat activator and can be easily bought online and then mixed with water.

 Keeping the urine at body temperature is hard, and that is why the heat activator is used to raise the temperature. The heat then ensures the temperature remains at the ideal level so that it is warm just before it goes in for the drug test.

3.     Adding chemicals to the urine sample –

 The urine samples that are mixed with chemicals are also known as “adulterated specimens”, and some people submit this synthetic urine that contains chemicals to get away from trouble. The chemicals that are generally added to these chemical urine kits are peroxide, bleach, soap, salt, and eye drops, among others.

Most of the drug tests can differentiate synthetic urine from real and detect specimens that include chemicals and tag them as invalid. Most of the adulterants aren’t detected, and they can be used to pass a drug test.

 4.     Delaying the drug test –

Sometimes, by delaying the drug test, you can ensure the drugs are flushed out from a system. The process depends on the kind of drugs that were taken, and you can get rid of them sooner than the others. The factors affecting the same include metabolism, height, weight, health history, and age that determines how long the substance takes to leave human urine.

 5.     Using detoxification –

Some can pass a drug test by using detoxification methods that get rid of the chemicals from the body. The most common methods include eating herbs such as burdock and red clover, herbal teas and beverages and also consuming food rich in fiber, so they act as a sub solution and get rid of the chemicals in the urine sample.

How to cheat on a drug test with synthetic urine?

When using fake urine effectively to pass a drug test, you will have to get the liquid into a sample cup or jar in order for the tester to believe it is yours while you take the drug test. The best protocols in order to cheat effectively on the drug test are –

 ● Purchase the synthetic urine from an online store or shop

 ● Take the urine kit to a testing area and complete the procedure. Some of them will need to use a heat activator as a quick fix solution

 ● The synthetic urine can be heated with the heating pad, microwave or even with body warmth

 ● Once the instructions are followed, the synthetic urine can be substituted for the real one and submitted

 If you have to pass the test with a monitor, then you’ll need to purchase a fake pee kit that includes the prosthetic device that is the fake urine belt that looks like a male or female organ.

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is used as a substitute for real urine in many cases where there are testing procedures to be followed. Apart from this fake pee is generally used for scientific and testing purposes, a lot of people use fake urine for treatment on diapers, mattresses, and more. It gives a proper understanding of how a material absorbs urine, and the adjustments can be made effectively.

Synthetic urine: Factors

There are factors that affect synthetic urine. Depending on the temperature and the mode of usage, you can purchase it accordingly. Some synthetic urine comes in powdered packages that need heat activators to get them going while there are others that come with just the liquid directly itself.

How is fake urine used?

Synthetic urine is used effectively to help people pass on their drug tests. These drug tests are generally taken by employers before onboarding someone to their company. Fake urine can be purchased either online or from a store and then used to pass the test in place of real urine. The synthetic urine kit comes with a set of tools and objects that can be used as a substitute.

Sometimes, the test will need to be taken in front of an examiner, and in these cases, there is a urine belt that will have to be worn. The liquid can be easily extracted from the kit itself and then placed into the cup that is given for the test. Since this fake urine is free from chemicals, it will not register any drugs on the test, and the person can walk away, free.

What’s inside fake urine?

There are a number of ingredients that are used inside fake urine to make it look like real urine. These include –

● Distilled water – More than 95% of urine is water, so this is one of the primary ingredients of fake pee

● Sodium Chloride – Salt is also very commonly found in many fake urine recipes

● Albumin powder is a great way to give the urine a real pee like consistency

● Sodium phosphate, another catalyst agent

● Urea, uric acid, and creatinine – This is found in most real pee and gives it its strong smell

How to keep fake urine warm?

Most fake urine kits come with their own fake urine heat activator that can be used to effectively keep the urine warm. However, there are other ways in which you can warm it up. If you’re not using the heating pad, then you can work with a microwave or even use your body temperature to keep the urine warm.

Most urine will have to be given for testing at warm temperature that is around 35 degrees Celsius. When you submit the urine, you need to heat it to a temperature that is acceptable to be taken by the tester. You can keep it warm by heating it just before you submit it and this way, the tester will consider it as real pee and test it under their normal procedures.

How to select the best synthetic urine to pass a test?

Many labs have figured loopholes where they can update testing standards to provide further accurate results. Synthetic urine has its own set of standards that have to be followed in order to ensure they provide more accurate results. When choosing the right fake pee, you need to work with a brand that allows you to evolve and fit any new testing standards. These are some of the best ways to select synthetic urine that can help you pass a test –

You’ve to ensure the synthetic urine contains –

● Uric acid

● Urea

● Creatinine

● A normal pH balance of 4 to 10

● The specific gravity of 1.005 to 1.030 which is the density of urine

There are synthetic urine brands that mimic real urine by even containing the bacteria as well as microbes that you get in real urine. These formulations have a shorter shelf life that won’t live by the time the test comes around. By using these formulations, you will be able to easily bypass the test.

Why could synthetic urine fail?

 There are cases where synthetic urine samples can end up failing, and this is mainly due to lab testing methods having advanced systems in check. Technicians can use several methods that can detect drug test substitutions that are done if you try to use fake pee to get around the system. The laboratories constantly work with advanced systems that can be used to combat and match any new substitution or tampering methods.

Best synthetic urine 2020 reviews – Top 10 fake pee brands

 We’ve made a list of the top ten fake pee brands available in the market today. You can click and take a look and get it delivered:

 1.     Clear Choice – Sub Solution Synthetic Urine –

 Launched in 2003, the Clear Choice Sub solution brand is still one of the most popular synthetic urine brands. There are 11 chemical compounds, including uric acid and urea that can be balanced for pH, creatinine and specific gravity for a quick fix. The product is also undetectable and free of biocides, making it one of the best synthetic urine brands in the market.

The standard size containers are toxin-free, and they can be heated within seconds and are also unisex. The product is available $80 and comes with an added activator as well, with free shipping if the total order is above $135.

 2.     Clear Choice – Quick Luck Synthetic urine –

This is a pre-mixed, unisex synthetic urine brand that is undetectable and free of any toxins. You can get it online. It is made of 11 chemical compounds that also mimic real urine and comes with its own urine kit. The patented heat activator formula can raise it to the right temperature and work as a quick fix for any drug test you take.

 It is one of the best synthetic urine kits available in the market and comes with free shipping for orders above $135. The packet costs around 100 and comes with a heating pad and a heat activator powder as well.

 3.     Quick Fix Synthetic Urine kit –

 This is one of the most popular and original pre-mixed synthetic urine brands available in the market and comes with its own activator also. The formula is also created in a lab and contains the right levels of pH, uric acid, creatinine, and other formulas for the sub solution. It can be used to calibrate drug testing equipment and pass drug tests as well.

 The Quick Fix synthetic urine kit retails around $39.95 and is available with free shipping if you’re purchasing within the continental US. The order can be placed online and delivered in a matter of days.

 4.     XStream Synthetic urine –

This premium quick fix brand as well as a novelty product ensures proper test passing and also comes with a sub solution mix. The XStream Synthetic urine is balanced for specific gravity, amino acid, pH levels, creatinine so it can also provide the urine smell as well. It is unisex and comes with all the equipment, including the necessary heat activator, and it retails at around $24.95 and can be shipped directly or bought at a subsidized price as well.

 5.     UPass Synthetic urine –

This is one of the best synthetic urine brands that comes with its own sub solutions. There are plenty of ingredients that are also present in human urine and it maintains the same levels of specific gravity and pH. It also comes with heat temperature agents and is available at a standalone price of just $24.95, with the activator. It can be shipped immediately after being purchased. The overnight shipping option is also available.

 6.     Magnum Synthetic urine –

The Magnum Detox synthetic urine is another brand that can be shipped immediately and delivered in around 2 to 3 days after purchase. It is one of the best synthetic urine to mimic real pee and comes with a heat activator pad. The kit is easy to use and was designed with the idea to imitate baseline samples of real urine. It retails at $39.95 online.

 7.     Ultra-Pure Synthetic urine –

 This was a brand created as a quick fix product back in 1997. It is manufactured with quality ingredients that would effectively pass any urine test with ease. The formula has largely remained unchanged over the years and hasn’t seen any product recalls, which means it has a great brand value and works effectively. The product comes at a price of just $25.95. It can be purchased online easily from the website. It comes with a sub solution and activator and is ready to use immediately post-purchase. It is unisex and ships to most of the states in the United States.

 8.     Agent X Synthetic urine –

This is one of the more popular synthetic urine brands and comes with a pre-mixed sub solution and another powdered version. The heat temperature strip and heating element generate fake pee whenever necessary. The versions come with required components of fake urine including uric acid, creatinine etc. It retails at around $29.95

 9.     Monkey Whizz –

 The brand name, Monkey Whizz, is one of the most intriguing and popular ones out there. This product comes with its own patented Monkey Whizz formula and packaging and is one of the more popular urine kits available in the market. The pre-mixed urine sub solution can easily simulate human urine for any need. It retails at around $45 and can be purchased along with the activator with overnight shipping.

Lab technicians use Monkey Whizz to calibrate their urine analysis kits, and no one will know it isn’t real urine. Monkey Whizz also comes with a urine belt that can be attached for real-time testing as well.

 10.  Test Clear Powdered urine –

This is one of the best urine kits you can get, and it comes as an incredible quick fix product. One vial contains powdered urine, and a 50-ml plastic medical transport vial comes with a blue lid. The heat temperature strip works with two activated heaters for the sub solution. It will meet the necessary requirements of testers and pass the drug test as required. The product retails at around $49.95 and can be purchased with free shipping.

Why not substitute urine from someone else?

 Substituting another person’s urine in place of your own is a problematic method and can go wrong if not handled properly. If the specimen breaks or leaks, it can look suspicious as you could also end up smelling of urine. There are chances of getting caught as well during the substitution. The sample also needs to be at the right temperature as any suspicion can lead to a retest also. The worst-case scenario is you can be dismissed from the job with the person whose fake pee you’ve substituted.

What about urine additives?

 This is also a tried method but hasn’t always yielded exact or desirable results. Many people use urine additives to try and pass a drug test, but they need to know the right amount. If you’re planning on using these additives, it must fall under the permissible amount to go forth and create fake urine. If the testers notice anything suspicious, they could ask you to take the test again, right in front of them and this can be quite a problem later on.

 Powdered vs liquid synthetic urine –

 Choosing the right type of synthetic urine is important if you’re planning to go forth and submit fake urine samples for a drug test. A powdered urine kit from online can be useful but not necessarily accurate. You will have to work with heat activators to get it to the right temperature and then clear the urine drug test without facing issues. Liquid synthetic urine kits also require some heating, but they can be detected if they don’t contain the right amounts of toxins that can be caught out by the drug test.

 Where can you get fake urine?

There are plenty of places where you can purchase fake pee, and they are easily available online as well. You can google the name and brand of your choice, and they will most likely have an online store where you can purchase the fake pee from. You need to be careful while purchasing online as fake sites can phish you off your money and other important details.

Most of these fake urine products are delivered in a matter of a few days or even overnight depending on their shipping policy.

 FAQs –

 1.     Is it legal to use synthetic pee?

Using synthetic pee is not considered legal or ethical. The reason synthetic pee was formulated was originally to help test materials and also run other scientific experiments. However, people started manufacturing it en masse, and this allowed urine kits to be sold online as well.

Once people started purchasing it, they used it as a substitute for real pee and pass drug tests with ease. Synthetic pee usage for drug tests is illegal and will lead to immediate termination if caught.

2.     Does fake pee work in a drug test?

 Yes, in most cases they do, but it depends on the testing procedure and facility being used by the drug testers. They need to ensure that the synthetic pee is not easily traceable and you need to ensure the mix of chemicals is perfect and simulates real pee effectively.

 Most drug tests aren’t able to detect fake pee, but the ones that do will be able to catch it immediately, so you need to be careful while submitting the same.

 3.     How do I store my synthetic urine?

You can store synthetic urine in a dry area away from any sunlight so that it doesn’t disintegrate. The fake urine needs to be at a temperature where it can be submitted whenever needed with just a little bit of heat activation.

 4.     What temperature does synthetic urine need to be?

 One of the most common ways synthetic pee is caught out is due to temperature. The ideal temperature to store and submit synthetic pee must be around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit which translates to around 35 degrees Celsius. You can use a heating agent or microwave to get it up to temperature before submitting it.

 5.     Will hand warmers overheat urine?

 You can place hand warmers over the urine sample to keep it warm, but you’ve to make sure you cool it for a little time just before you take it off as well. You will need the temperature to be ideal before you submit it, so double check on that.

 6.     How long does it take for drugs to be eliminated from urine?

 Most drugs are present in the urine sample within a day or two. Opioids stick around for 2 to 4 days in the urine sample while stimulants can be present in the urine for 2 to 3 days. Most of the time, it comes down to the person, and this can vary.

 7.     Can I pee in my own synthetic sample to avoid detection?

 You could, but there are chances that illegal substances can be found if you end up mixing the two samples together. You need to smartly use synthetic urine at the right temperature to make sure that it doesn’t mix with the other real samples and cause problems later on.

 8.  Can you pass any type of test with fake urine?

You need to make sure that the synthetic urine brand that you are using is reputed and is capable to mimic the real pee to the highest degree possible. Only then you can pass even the advanced level drug tests. Cheap synthetic urine brands available in the market have a higher chance of getting caught.

 9.  Can labs detect synthetic urine?

Labs can detect synthetic urine if it has been diluted to an extreme amount. The right amount can maybe pass off as real urine, and that’s why you need to make sure that you’re buying it from a credible source that understands the right concoction that can pass through the filters.

 10.  How long is synthetic urine good for?

Similar to other synthetic materials, synthetic urine is also good for around a year or two. With different products in the market, the two-year mark is the longest you can keep it for. Make sure that the packaging is proper, and you store it in a dry area out of sunlight.

 11.  Does synthetic urine go bad?

It can go bad if left exposed to the sun for too long. Also, it needs to be heated to the right temperature to ensure that it remains good for a longer period of time. Once you take care of these basic precautions, you’re good to go.

 12.  How many ounces of urine do you need?

 Generally, anywhere between 1 to 2 ounces is sufficient for a urine test. This is the ideal amount that needs to be filled in the cup, and most of the sample kits will also have a specified amount which you will need to fill as well.

 13.  Is there unisex synthetic urine available?

Yes, most of the synthetic urine brands are unisex. They even have the necessary apparatus with which they can be squeezed out and placed into the collecting cup as necessary. The differentiating factor for synthetic urine is the presence of hormones that differ the genders.

 14.  Is there a product just for women?

 Most of the synthetic urine products are made for unisex, but there are some brands that cater exclusively to women. You can shop for them online, and you’ll be able to get them with ease. You need to make sure that they are sold by a reliable brand so that you don’t fall into trouble later on.

Other reasons to use synthetic urine?

There are plenty of other reasons synthetic urine is used. They have been used for effective testing procedures in clinical labs. These include using fake pee samples on products including cleaning agents, diapers, mattresses, and medical devices, among others. This allowed companies to know how their products would fare if real urine was present on them. They could also use the material to create better absorbents that don’t end up causing further damage as well to the material in question.

The best synthetic urine brands are also used in the field of science to facilitate better experiments and alternative medicine options. However, since they are available en masse, they are now being used to pass drug tests more than anything else.

 To conclude –

Thus, synthetic urine kits can be found commonly online and can be used to bypass drug tests. These drug tests can detect the presence of opioids and other stimulants in the urine, and if proper testing isn’t done, it can lead to drug addicts finding and keeping their jobs in a company. While there are companies that have stringent drug policies, it doesn’t become simpler for those without it to effectively catch the cheaters.

The synthetic urine has to be in the right temperature range, and it also has to mimic the color and smell in order to pass off. Most of the popular synthetic urine brands can be purchased online and delivered overnight.

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