Synthetic Urine

What is the purpose of synthetic urine?

Traditionally, fake urine has been used for purposes of testing the impact of urine on products such as diapers, mattresses, cleaning, agents, or medical devices. In addition, fake urine has been used for alternative medicine, scientific experiments, and even drug testing to improve testing efficiency.

Can synthetic urine be detected in labs?

Quick Fix Synthetic urine, along with its competitors, is made from a mix of water, urea, creatinine, pH balance, and/or uric acid. Synthetic urine can have the same density as urine too, as labs also test for this. Urinalysis clinics use a method called gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to test urine.
Can eScreen detect synthetic urine?
Synthetic doesn’t. Shake and sniff might detect synthetic urine but won’t stop cheating at the collection site. Foam and odor aren’t part of the process. At the lab, however, there is a sniff test, says Christopher Tarpey, general manager of eScreen Inc.

Drug testing has been a part of workplace testing to ensure employees aren’t consuming drugs and working under the influence and posing a threat to the employer. There has been a growing sophistication in drug testing, and it has led to employees working on innovative methods to beat the drug-testing system or pass a drug test safely.

Do they check the temperature of urine in a drug test?

The collection person will check the temperature of the urine within four minutes. They have to do this without putting anything in the urine that might contaminate it.

A safe environment that works with a drug testing policy, using accurate methods of checking has been a priority for many employers, especially in safety-sensitive industries. Workplaces are safer for employees who aren’t under the influence, and drug testing measures have been ramped up over the last few years.

When do we consider a urine sample invalid?

Samples with a creatinine <2.0 mg/dL and an SG >1.0010 and <1.0200 or with a pH >9.0 but <11.0 are reported as invalid. A urine sample is classified as invalid when the creatinine and SG results are discrepant, or do not match, or when the pH is much lower or higher than typically expected

As there is an opioid epidemic in addition to more users consuming cocaine and methamphetamine, the need for drug testing is significant. Many states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, and employers are now establishing a stricter routine. However, employees have found ways to work around the testing procedures with the help of synthetic urine.

How long does the best synthetic urine stay good for a drug test?

Most drugs of abuse stay in the body for at least a few days after the last use and are traceable with urine tests. Opioids like heroin and oxycodone are detectable for between 1 and 3 days after last use. Stimulants including cocaine, meth, and ADHD medications are detectable for about 2 or 3 days

The best Synthetic urine is composed of those chemicals that mimic actual urine. These include creatinine, yellow coloring, and even uric acid so that it can pass the drug test. Also, some of the best synthetic urine brands have been used for multiple purposes, of which the primary one is to pass a drug test.

Why you need the best synthetic urine?

One of the main reasons synthetic urine was created was for effective testing of fake urine on products such as diapers, cleaning agents, medical devices, and mattresses. This allowed manufacturers to create materials with better absorbents that don’t end up causing further damage to said material. The synthetic urine is also used extensively in the field of science for experiments and alternative medicine options. However, as mentioned above, some of the best synthetic urine is now primarily been used to pass drug tests.

What are the types of drug tests?

A variety of tests are used to identify if the person in question has been using any illegal drug or prescription medicines. Some of them are explained below:

 ●      Hair Follicle Tests –

This is one of the common drug tests and is also known as the hair drug test. It effectively screens and tests illicit use of drugs as well as the non-usage of properly prescribed medication. A small amount of the hair is removed using scissors and then analyzed for any signs of drug usage. The sample is properly run through a series of tests that can effectively prove any form of drug usage for 90 days preceding the test.

●      Urine tests –

Urine tests are used for many diagnostic purposes. It is one of the most common methods that are used for medical diagnosis and testing. Urine analysis is also called urine electrolyte levels or urine culture and is used in many companies’ drug-testing policy methods.  It generally consists of taking a small urine sample and finding the problems which require treatment, or in this case, the presence of drugs. These screening tests can check for drugs, including opioids, marijuana, barbiturates, and others, which tend to be traceable in the body for a more extended period of time.

 ●      Blood tests –

Blood tests are performed after the blood is extracted from the vein. It is used to trace illicit drugs and it can detect parent drugs. Urine tests only test for metabolites, but the traceability factor is higher in blood. There is a shorter detection window for blood tests, as the drug can most probably go undetected after six hours of usage.

These tests are mostly taken for patients rather than in companies that mandate drug test usage in their companies. Blood tests are generally taken purely for medical purposes. With these tests, doctors can effectively prescribe medicines to those who need them and ensure proper care is taken by the patient.

Does the best synthetic urine work?

Sometimes it works, and at times it doesn’t. Synthetic fake urine is unpredictable, but it depends on a case to case basis. If the synthetic urine sample isn’t mixed, heated, or transported properly, it can be revealed, and the person submitting it can be caught or fined. Most of the synthetic urine samples can be caught out thanks to the temperature. The collection sites require a proper temperature to be maintained. It mustn’t be too cold or too hot, and if the specimen falls outside of the specified range, it is guaranteed to be fake.

What is in Quick Fix synthetic urine?

Quick Fix PLUS is made by Spectrum Labs in Cincinnati and comes in a bright yellow box, which proclaims its product is “urea,” which “Contains other ingredients normally found in urine,” which the company claims is, “Balanced for pH, specific gravity and other characteristics.

What does the best synthetic urine contain?

Synthetic urine has plenty of revealing characteristics which include –

●      Creatinine, which is produced by kidneys. Most samples of synthetic urine generally contain this substance as its level is detected in urine tests.

●      It also contains urea or uric acid in quantities you’d find in actual urine.

Can you reuse synthetic urine?

Whether you’re buying powdered or liquid, synthetic urine has a shelf life. Once the product has expired, you cannot use it for any reason, especially a drug test, as it will immediately get flagged.

The other substances that are present in synthetic urine include ammonia, chlorides, sulfates as well as phosphates. The pH level must be around the range of 5 to 10, with a gravity of 1.003 and 1.035. Different manufacturers generally have a unique recipe or formula for the synthetic urine they manufacture.

How long does synthetic pee stay good?

Expiration Dates on Fake Human Urine

Most synthetic urine lasts 2 or 3 years, as long as it’s stored properly.

Most synthetic urine doesn’t come in a liquid format but as a powder. This needs to be diluted, and the liquid option is ready-to-use and better, but it generally needs heating before the drug test. Urine that exits your body has a certain temperature, and this needs to be mimicked with the synthetic urine as well. Powdered urine can be mixed with water, and the majority of the brands come with come with heat activator.

 How to use fake urine for a drug test?

In order to effectively use fake urine, you need to get the liquid into a sample jar or cup in order for the tester to believe it is yours during the drug test. The best protocol that can be followed in order to pass the test effectively is as follow-

●      Purchase the synthetic urine from a store or online

●      Take the kit to the testing area or complete the procedure at home.

●      If it is liquid, use the heat activator on it. It can be done with a heat activator pad, microwave, or even with body warmth.

●     If it is in a powder format, you will have to dilute it with water, as recommended, or use the heat activator agent as well.

●      Once you follow the instructions, you can pour the liquid into the sample cup and hand it back.

How do you use a synthetic urine belt?

Once you’ve heated up the bladder bag and attached the belt to yourself in an undetectable manner, you’ll find a tube that you can tie around the waist under your clothing. If you open the clip on the bladder bag, you’ll release the urine into the cup.

If the urine test is held with a monitor, then you will also have to purchase a kit that includes a prosthetic device or synthetic or fake urine belt to look like a female or male organ. You also need to hand it to the tester before the temperature difference varies.

Submitting your sample correctly –

There are certain ways to hide fake urine and submit it properly for the drug test-

●      You can buy the synthetic belt to carry it without being detected

●      Tape a sachet of the fake urine to your inner thigh underpants or loose dresses will work as well

●      Make sure the temperature is ideal for submission.

The correct way to store fake urine 

In normal cases, urine exits the body at a temperature around 35 degrees Celsius and it is tested within 4 to 5 minutes of submission. There are ways in which you can use a heat activator on the urine sample. A microwave does the job well, but it is important not to overheat it.

How long can I store fake pee?

Whether you’re buying powdered or liquid, synthetic urine has a shelf life. Once the product has expired, you cannot use it for any reason, especially a drug test, as it will immediately get flagged. The shelf life of an unopened and unmixed product is up to two years.

The best Synthetic urine has a shelf life of around a year or two. The two-year marker is tidal. You need to store it in a dry area away from sunlight, or else the pH balance will go off. The packaging will generally have the instructions that need to be followed for the effective way to store the urine.

Qualities of a good synthetic urine brand for drug testing 

There are certain qualities that make the best synthetic urine brands stand out, or in this case, blend in a heated or fake drug test. These include –

●      Efficiency –

The best synthetic urine brands can stand out when it comes to efficiency. They need to be properly manufactured and efficient enough to pass any test. This can be detailed out with the help of the quality of the synthetic pee. It needs to be stored at the right temperature and consumed at the right time so that there aren’t any last-minute changes to the pH level as well. Ensure you check the efficiency by running it by a chemist or tester friend, so you’re good to go.

●      Basic ingredients –

There are the basic ingredients that need to be properly formulated and placed within the synthetic pee sub solution so that it can go undetected when placed under the scanner. If you’re submitting synthetic fake urine for a drug test, the ingredients that stand out if normal urine is spiked must not be detected in the synthetic pee. This can be done by getting the concoction of other ingredients spot on, and that’s one of the hallmarks of proper signs that the synthetic urine sub solution is fine and good to go!

 ●      Positive client reviews –

The review of clients is another much-needed factor when it comes to you selecting the best fake urine brand. There are plenty of players in the market, and what sets them apart is the reviews. If you’re looking to get a good quality synthetic urine brand, you need to ensure this fake pee has good reviews online.

Client reviews can help you understand that the synthetic urine is of the best quality and has a track record of being successful in the past. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure the authenticity of it and reduce the chances of getting caught if the event ever pops up.

●    Right Temperature, color, and odor –

You need to ensure that the right temperature, color as well as odor are all check out for the urine test. Most urine kits from reputed urine brands come with the best synthetic urine that helps all of these factors to stand out and deliver. You need to ensure that the urine sub solution is proper – in terms of color as well as temperature. The ideal 35 degrees Celsius temperature can be followed so that it can pass the drug test when submitted.

The color also needs to be proper and the most common color to pass a drug test is pale yellow. The closer you can find the color between transparent and light yellow, the better are your chances of going undetected. The best synthetic urine brands normally take care of this with different additives and add-ons to the pack.

●      Affordable prices –

The urine brands that come even with a heat activator must be available at affordable prices. The urine kits need to be available for purchase without shelling out massive money for the same. You need to ensure that you’re not being overcharged or spending more than what is required.

The best way to go about purchasing fake pee is to see the different products already available in the market and ensure the prices level out until you find one that fits the budget and satisfies the above points.

What is the best powdered urine?

The 12 Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Synthetic urine reviews – Top 12 best synthetic urine brands –

Table of contents –

Refer to this table of contents for the product you’re looking for. It contains the list of top urine brands available in the market.

  • Clear Choice –Quick Luck Urine
  • Clear Choice –Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit
  • Spectrum Labs –Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Kit
  • Serious Monkey Bizzness – Monkey Whizz
  • Test Clear –Powdered Urine Kit
  • Quick Fix Synthetic Urine from Spectrum Labs
  • Pee Pack
  • Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure
  • XStream Fetish Urine
  • Magnum Detox
  • UPass
  • Dr. Greens Agent-X Fake Pee

 Best Synthetic Urine

1. Clear Choice – Quick Luck Urine 

1st Best Choice Under Our Close Review

Clear Choice Quick Luck brand is pre-mixed, unisex, and designed to be undetectable as well as free of toxins. It is made of 11 different chemical compounds that mimic real human urine and includes a urine kit with a patented heat activator formula that can raise its temperature till the right temperature as required for a quick fix. Clear Choice is one of the most popular companies in this field and is effective. They also offer free shipping for orders above $135.

The urine kit comes in a packet that costs around $100, and the product is safely sealed, with two clear choice heat pads. It also includes the heat activator powder.

2. Clear Choice – Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

2nd Best Choice Under Our Close Review

The Clear Choice Sub-Solution brand, launched in 2003, is one of the most popular products in the fake urine sector. The secret formula consists of 11 different chemical compounds, including urea and uric acid, and can be balanced for specific gravity, pH, and creatinine, for a quick fix. It is also biocide-free and undetectable and is one of the best synthetic urine brands available.

The product comes in a standard size container and is toxin-free. It can be heated within seconds and the best part is, it is also unisex. The product is available at $80 and comes with the added activator, and the shipping is free if the orders are above $135 in total.

 3. Spectrum Labs – Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine Kit

3rd Best Choice Under Our Close Review

The Spectrum Lab urine kit is created within a laboratory environment. It offers a fresher and cleaner urine sample that is free from toxins and consists of all the other right characteristics. It is also designed to be unisex and is considered one of the best synthetic urine in the market that comes with the activator. It comes with a sub solution that needs to be mixed as well.

The box retails around $39.95, but with the synthetic urine belt and stash leg strap, it can reach a total near $100. The shipping is free and can be placed with overnight delivery as well.

 4. Serious Monkey Bizzness – Synthetic Monkey Whizz 

4th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

This is one of the most popular synthetic urine brands that comes with some crazy packaging and is one of the more popular synthetic urine kits for a quick fix available in the market. The pre-mixed urine sub solution simulates human urine and can be used for any need. It is tested and created in a lab and is very similar to real urine.

The product retails at around $45 and can be purchased with the activator and overnight shipping as well. A lot of lab technicians calibrate their urine analysis kits with this product, and no one will know it’s not your own urine. The product comes with its own urine belt that can be attached as well.

5. Test Clear – Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit 

5th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

The Test Clear powdered urine kit is another popular quick fix product that comes with one vial that contains powdered urine. It also has a 50-ml plastic medical transport vial, which comes with a blue lid and one temperature strip and two air-activated heaters as well for the sub solution. The natural urine kit smells, looks, and behaves like drug-free human urine too.

It will meet the requirements of your drug testers and ill pass the drug test as required. The product also retails at $49.95 and can e purchased with cheap to free shipping as well.

6. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine from Spectrum Labs 

6th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

Quick Fix brand is one of the best and original pre-mixed synthetic urine available in the market coming with its own activator as well. The patented formula is lab-created and contains the right levels of creatine, pH, uric acid, and more for the sub solution. It is the perfect urine sample that can be used to calibrate any drug testing equipment.

The synthetic urine kit retails at around $39.95 and also comes with free shipping within the continental United States. You can place the order online and get the sample delivered to you in a matter of days.

 7. Pee Pack brand Synthetic Urine

7th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

This fake urine kit comes with its own self-administering system, gets warm faster, and is easy to control it to the right temperature. It is easier to hide compared to other products and doesn’t have bursts or leaks as well. Once it is paired with the heat pack, it will maintain the temperature for a period of 2 hours.

The quick fix product retails at around $29.95 and can be purchased easily online. It also comes with its own seller pack and sub solutions and can be shipped at an affordable price.

 8. Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure 

8th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

The Ultra-Pure premium brand is a quick fix product that was created back in 1997 and is manufactured with the help of quality ingredients so that it can pass any urine test with relative ease. It has remained unchanged for all these years and has never needed any product reformulation or had any product recalls as well, which is an ode to its simplicity and overall brand value too.

The product is affordable too and retails at around $25.95 and can be purchased directly off the website, with the activator and sub solution. It comes with its own pack and is ready-to-use immediately after purchase. Further, the product is unisex and can be shipped to most of the states in the US.

 9. XStream Fetish Urine

9th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

Another premium quick fix brand and novelty product that is designed to ensure proper test passing is the XStream Fetish Urine that comes with a full kit for the sub solution mix. It is perfectly balanced for creatinine, specific gravity, amino acid, pH levels as well as in providing the urine smell.

The urine kit is unisex and claims to be the only novelty urine ever needed. The kit comes with all of the equipment expected including the heat activator and retails at around $24.95. It can be shipped directly to the buyer at a subsidized rate and, in most cases, for free.

10. Magnum Detox Urine

10th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

The Magnum Detox synthetic urine brand can be purchased online, and it will take around 2-3 days to deliver. It’s perfect if you’ve got a test in a couple of days as it can be used to effectively test with the sub solution. The Magnum Synthetic Urine kit was also designed in order to imitate the baseline samples of synthetic urine.

The product comes with uric acid, an enclosed rubber band, and a heating activator pad as well. It can be easily incorporated into your test and retails at $39.95 online.

 11. UPass Synthetic urine 

11th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

UPass brand is an advanced synthetic fake urine sub solution formula that comes with the ingredients found in human urine and maintains the same pH and specific gravity levels. It is one of the best fake urine kits out there as it can effectively simulate the same. It comes with heat temperature agents as well. This synthetic urine product is available at a standalone price of just $24.95, along with the activator, and can be shipped immediately after purchase. It comes with overnight shipping as well.

12. Dr. Greens Agent-X Fake Pee 

12th Best Choice Under Our Close Review

This fake urine brand has two versions – one that is a pre-mixed sub solution and the other that is powdered. The heat temperature strip and heating element can be used to generate fake pee as necessary. The versions have all the required components in fake urine, including uric acid, creatine, and more.

Does powdered urine work for lab tests?

The powdered urine is tricky to get exactly right. You have to prepare the sample beforehand, so it doesn’t work very well for surprise drug tests. It does smell a lot like urine even before you add the water, so detection is easy.

The product and solution come with free shipping and retails at around $29.95 Thus, these are some of the most popular synthetic urine packages and brands available online. You can choose one based on shipping availability and cost and begin to use it immediately. Make sure you read the reviews of the same, and once you use them, you will be able to make out the difference in each.

Always ensure you purchase the right urine products after going through the reviews so you know you’re getting what you’re paying for.  Ensure the sub solution heats to the right temperature and mixes well and can be used effectively at any point of time as well.

Synthetic Urine Review

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